What can be learned from web proxy users?

Most of the time when kids are at school they are super bored. They look for ways to distract themselves. No one is really interested in learning anything when they are young. They are just looking for ways to be entertained. Ever since web proxies were discovered by students in the early 2000s it has been a constant battle between the students and the system admins to block these sites. There are tons of laws that could make the school liable if students are exposed to explicit content. For this reason they try really hard to find any new ways students might be accessing sites. One of the sites we have found is http://www.freeyoutubeproxy.org. It appears that youtube is one of the most accessed websites by students since it allows them to view tons of funny entertaining content. Another reason schools are inclined to block sites like these is for resources. Sometimes schools don’t have a ton of bandwidth. If students are all using the same connection with videos the internet may not be available to other for legitimate purposes.